Reasons you should steer clear of a facial tattoo

The face is one’s identity. People recognize you because of your face. It can be fun to do creative things on your body. But if creativity goes wrong, a tattoo would give you plenty of opportunity for regret. Face tattoos looks pretty. It adds style to the personality. But the risks can outweigh any potential good coming from a face tattoo.

Here are few reasons why one should avoid face tattooing:

Hard to remove

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Tattoos are the hardest thing to remove. Face is important part of you. Nobody wants to spoil it. You may hate your tattoo with passing time but then it will be hard to get rid of it. Only option left then is Laser tattoo removal. And it is more painful than getting a tattoo. Getting a face tattoo is a very tough decision. So go for a facial tattoo if you really want it forever.

Past fades

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Your facial tattoo can be a memory of your past. Past fades with time. It is better to understand this thing than to regret later. Think of future as well. Facial tattoo will not let you forget that bad memory if you want to. So think before you get tattoo on your face.

Lose job

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Your facial tattoo can stand in the way of you getting a job. Visible tattoos are a big no in the professional world. Facial tattoos are not easy to remove. And if you want a good job and make a good reputation, avoid tattoo in the face. It is another good reason to avoid tattoo on the face.

Too young to choose

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It can be another reason to avoid facial tattoo. Avoid any decision that makes you regret. Consult your parents or someone elder. They will advice you better. Be sure to do a proper research before you go for a facial tattoo. Take good time to decide what you want to do. Go to a good artist to avoid any health issues.

Health problems

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Tattoos do not suit everybody, and may cause health problems where they are unsuited. Take proper care of area you tattooed. Face tattoos are risky. It can damage the face if gone wrong and will be completely visible. Severe health problems like skin rashes, bleeding, aids, and permanent wound mark can occur. So avoid facial tattoo to stay away from such problems.


Tattoos make body beautiful. Never get one under any influence. If not done properly, will make you regret for the rest of your life. So take preventive measures before getting one on your face.

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