Ideas for a superb wedding ring tattoo

Latest trend in the wedding world are wedding ring tattoos. There is nothing like expressing your love with permanent ink. Tattooing your wedding ring on finger is expressing your love for loved ones.

Here are few tips to collect ink on your finger.

Share each other’s initials:


It is a great way to show your love for your partner. Tattoo his or her initials and let them know how special they are. It will remind you of him or her even in their absence.

Wedding date:

Wedding date

Wedding date is another idea for a wedding ring tattoo. Both of you can tattoo your wedding date. It could be a full date or just the year or month. Another way of doing it is by using Roman numerals. Tattoo the date of your marriage anniversary or the day you met in Roman numerals.

Heart and a key:

Heart and a key

Another interesting way of tattooing could be heart and a key. One of you can tattoo a heart and other a key meaning you have a key to my heart.

Infinity and circle of love:

Infinity and circle of love

These are traditional wedding ring love tattoos. They represent your infinite love towards your partner. It also means never ending love. So it’s a perfect tattoo for both the partners.

Red string of fate:

Red string of fate

It is a beautiful red string having bows at the end. Both partners can tattoo the same. The red string represents the destined lovers regardless of time, place or any other circumstances. So it is a perfect tattoo to express your partner your love.

Religious tattoo:

Religious Wedding tattoo

For many couples, wedding is also an important religious affair. They think that relationship is bound to spirituality. This wedding ring tattoo is perfect for such couples. Religious word or a symbol can be tattooed to show purity of the relationship.

Direction bands:

Direction bands

This direction bands wedding ring tattoo is perfect to show that you both are going in a right direction. It shows that two of you will always go in same and right direction.

White ink tattoo:

White ink tattoo

Black ink tattoos are common. Go for this unique idea of collecting white ink. It looks pretty. Tattoo each other’s name or simply ink a heart or any other design of your choice.


Wedding is important part of life. It become more important if something special is done for your partner. Tattooing his or her name can make them special and it expresses your love for them.

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