Naval piercing: Know it before you go for it

Naval Piercing

Naval Piercing seems to be getting very popular these days. Various celebrities such as movie stars and models are really endorsing this form of body piercing all over the world and girls are following this trend without even thinking about it twice. One needs to understand that getting a belly piercing done is not as same as ear piercing where you can just walk into a shop and get it done. Actually, naval piercing requires a far more experienced professional with right skills. Many others things should also be taken into consideration. Be it the jewellery quality, sterilization of equipments or hollow needle; discover as much as you can.

Firstly, yes belly piercing hurts. However, this is not the kind of pain which most of the girls anticipate. The pain is momentary and there is really no need to be scared of it. Some girls even compare it to the pain of getting a tattoo, which is actually a long and painful process on the other hand naval piercing pain is not so prolonged. But before making up the mind to get the piercing done, girls should check out a licensed or experienced professional piercer in the city. Notably, not all belly buttons can accommodate piercing and only a professional will be able to explain that. Actually, some skin tissues are unable to hold the ring and that can cause some problems in future. Hence check out if you are a candidate for belly piercing.

Now if the piercer confirms that you can go ahead then you really have to take care of some things. Fore mostly, double check with the piercer if he/she uses disposable hollow needles and thoroughly sterilized equipments. It is always better to ask than to be sorry later, if something is going into your skin there is always a chance of getting infected, so safety is of paramount importance. Discuss everything in detail. Most of the piercers understand the concerns and are kind enough to demonstrate how they do things. Also discuss about the quality of jewellery used and aftercare tips.

When everything is crystal clear in your mind then only schedule an appointment for naval piercing. Make sure to keep some weeks free of any heavy physical activity such as gym, yoga, any game or sports after the piercing appointment. It is also advisable to opt for some loose fitted clothes when you go for piercing. The clothes should not run against the skin when you are done with it. If possible take someone with you for support. It’s not that piercing is very horrifying but it is always good to have friends around to lighten if there is tension. Finally, while getting the piercing done, keep yourself relaxed so the abdominal muscles don’t strain out. This will also save you from a lot of pain. Naval piercing usually takes just a couple of minutes and you’ll be amazed once it is done. Don’t terrify yourself with negative thoughts, just relax and everything will be fine if the piercer is a professional.

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