Permanent make-up can be troublesome

permanent make up can be troublesome 49

Technology is making everything easy, fast and simple for us but have you ever realized the fact that this progress is making us lazy? We prefer to get everything easily and without much effort. One such instance is ‘permanent make-up,’ it is the latest fad among the women who lacks time to decorate themselves.

‘Permanent make-up’ is a kind of tattoo in place of cosmetics for lips, eyelids and eyebrows in which a tattoo artist etch pigment. You can permanently do your eyes and lips make-up to save your precious time but there is one problem, you won’t be able to change it with every costume. Therefore, according to me natural color permanent make-up is the best option.

Ironically, according to federal researchers, on Wednesday the very procedure that is supposed to enhance beauty may actually result in unsightly side effects, such as allergic reactions. Some people are sensitive to the ingredients of the pigment and suffer from swelling or bumps.

It was found that the allergic reaction could last up to five months to three years. This reaction varies from person to person and the degree of their sensitivity. So beware before going for permanent make-up!

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