Joss Stone gets a new tattoo

joss stone 2263
Its tattoo time folks. And the latest tattoo gets itself inked on none other that the perky popstar from UK, Joss Stone.

The other day I reported how Megan Fox tried her luck at a new tatto and got the shock of her life with a tattoo job that went wrong. But, unlike Megan, Joss is quite happy to get the new tattoo.

joss stone with the tattoo 2263
It is a cute flower that is inked just behind her left ear which runs down her neck in the most simplistic pattern. The 20-year-old Grammy Award winner is known for her habit of regularly performing barefoot onstage and it seems the popstar wanted to show the world that you don’t need to go to any high profile expert to get the job done. If its your day, even a local tattoo parlour can do wonders for you.

Are you listening, Megan?

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