Perfect smile just a tooth tattoo away!

tooth tattoo

Why worry about coffee stains on your teeth? As a matter of fact why get rid of ‘em (the stains) when others are inking on theirs? You want that perfect smile then just etch one! Steve Heward is one dentist who will etch out a tattoo on your tooth (crown), when you need one. Steve is also a pro tattoo-artist and will easily hand-paint your favorite artwork on one of your crowns. Heward Dental Lab, the dentist’s company’s lab works from Utah and takes orders from hundreds of dentists pestered by patients who want a tattoo on their teeth. The prices – depending upon what you want done – will range anywhere from $75 to $200. Don’t take this as a fad cause Steve says he’s been in business since the 1980s. He proudly states:

I don’t know of any other dental technicians that can do what we do. I’ve been tattooing teeth since the early 1980s and depending on the complexity, it can take from five minutes to and hour or more. But I usually spend a half hour.

Steve has got a whole army of artists trained to do the etching, the more difficult of requests he handles personally.

Now if you are unfortunate enough to get one of your teeth knocked out in a fight, don’t just go in for some lame-ass crown that’s normal, get something etched out and I guarantee the flashy smile will make for a great photograph.


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