Mena Suvari’s new tattoo spells it out!

mena suvari2

Mena Suvari has got something besides a new crop of hair – a brand new tattoo on her back. Spotted at the Jenny Han Fall 2008 Show in L.A. on 12th march, Mena proudly showed off the inking on her back. After shaving her head off for a Hemmingway film titled “The Garden Of Eden,” looks like the actress has made a recent trip to the tattoo parlour. The blonde American Beauty displayed her budding locks along with the inked words “Word. Sound. Power.”
mena suvari3

The words are etched right below the lion tattoo that’s on her neck. The actress’ is quite looking like her old self again, albeit with lesser hair. So she’s kinda laid bare her thoughts (not to mention her back); wait till the hair grows back again!


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