Ode to economy by sporting bamboo tattoo

bamboo tattoo

It seems like people are going crazy over tattoos across the world, and they don’t mind inking their body with any concept under the sun. See how this guy has tattooed his arm with a bamboo. Indeed I have to appreciate the neatly designed tattoo which looks very much like a real bamboo plant. Notice the darker edges and the leaves jutting out from the bamboo. Apparently this bamboo tattoo is predominant in East and South-East Asia, where bamboos are extensively used for any construction, planted in gardens or simply consumed by the people as a source of food (though I don’t think I can ever take bamboos as edible). For me bamboos are better utilized for either construction or making flutes. Nevertheless, the bamboo tattoo in these regions definitely signifies their economic or social background.

Source: mytattoodesignslive

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