Living with Tattoos for purpose

mom banner tattoo
In a post I did a few days back I asked you people what your tattoo spoke, the entire plot there revolving around a jing-bang of Russian criminals where the comprehended each others body art expression. Today we try touching a different chord by speaking about a few which are directly interpretable in the society for the bearers want so.

Talking on similar lines, we have different kind of tattoos which send a direct message out, not that fuck the cops shit of course even though it also intended too, like the one pictured which clearly means the inscriber loves his mother.

All of them portray something, just I said the other day, if they don’t people try attaching a message and you should keep switching over with the change in time. You can indeed have them inked through out your life, switching one for another when a regular stance becomes monotonous and live your life out.


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