Not Church, But Tattoo Parlor Was The Most Suitable Place For Marriage

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Lorn Lucas, 41, and Heather Phillips, 36, of Pleasant Hill, changed the conventions about: wedding to be only held in church and in white. The couple held their wedding ceremony on Tuesday at a tattoo parlor, Dr. Skin Wizard, 508 E. Euclid Ave., surrounded by their near and dear ones, including their three children, the parlor’s manager, and his wife.

The bride wore black and combat boots and the ceremony took place among tattoo designs and wizard statues. “It’s just not us to be traditional. I’m not a fan of poofy wedding dresses or big weddings,’ said the groom before nuptials.

The nuptial has set a good example and a nice idea to tattoo fans. So, where are you planning to throw your birthday bash or your wedding ceremony!

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