Henna Tattoo

henna tattoo 49
henna mehndi tattoo 49
henna tattoo 2 49
henna mehndi tattoo 2 49
Henna tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo art in India. The henna tattooing is not only related to fashion statement but it is a part of Indian heritage. Whether it is a marriage or some function, females tattoo themselves with henna. Recently there was a ‘karvachuath’ fast and according to the tradition, all married females take this fast for the long life of their husband and it is a celebrated on large scale. People go for shopping, women purchases new dress and most important they tattoo themselves with henna.

The above shown picture describes how the henna tattoo is made, then you have to leave the henna to dry (second image) and after wiping off the dry henna, the tattoo appears on you (as can be seen in last two images). Henna tattooing is not painful at all but it is not permanent and it is made out of herbs. However, the most popular tattoo designs are for hands and feet, which include lots of floral, peacock designs, checks, etc. Now, the henna tattooing is not concentrated to hands and feet but to any part of the body.

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