Latest Tattoo Trends For The Bride


There was a time when people used to hide their tattoos. They would not show them when they went to work, a wedding, a meeting, or anywhere where they would be judged. But, those years are gone. Men and women spend a lot of effort, time and money designing and having body art and they refuse to hide it.

Brides consider their tattoos as part of their personality. They express themselves with tattoos. While it may send their grandmother into pearl-clutching shock, the bride is fine with selecting a gown that accents her tattoos.

Matching tattoos


The love of tattoos is not limited to the bride. Many couples select tattoos to honor the day. Many couples design and redesign until they have the perfect tat and then they having matching tattoos inked before the wedding.

Half tattoos

Often times a couple will have tattoos applied that must be united with one on their partner to make sense. For example, the bride may tattoo a “X” on one of her fingers. The groom may tattoo a “O” on his finger. Separate, they look like an “X” and a “O”. But when they interlock their fingers, people see X and O – the symbol for hugs and kisses.

Sometimes they will have a pattern designed that looks abstract to someone seeing it. But when their arms are side by side, you make out what the design is. It is incredible, seemingly forming right in front of you.

Initials & Dates


Often the couple will have their initials inked on their body; the font, size and color is up to them. They may tattoo their wedding date on their ring-fingers. It is often in Roman numbers, but sometimes it is standard. No one knows about the numbers except them, as it is covered by their wedding ring.

Bridesmaid tattoos

If the bride has a tattoo that she wants to be seen during her wedding, she has that right. But she also has a right to ask bridesmaids to cover a tattoo.

For example, assume the bride is wearing a formal, white, wedding gown and she has a tattoo of a rose and vine on her back shoulder. That is a classy tattoo and it is part of her personality.

However, maybe she selected elegant bridesmaids dresses in royal blue with a strapless sweetheart neckline, and her best friend has a six-inch tattoo of a tongue on her back. It is out of place. It takes away from the look of elegance. She may ask the bridesmaid to have special makeup put over it to cover it.

She has every right to do that. She does not have to change the style of the bridesmaid dress to cover the tattoo. The bridesmaid can refuse and politely step back from the wedding.

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