Kailyn Lowry Reveals Meaning Behind Mysterious New Tattoo

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Tattoo is no more an eccentric activity for the lasses of “Teen Mom”, as each one of them is inking up their body with this creative art. There is no doubt that Maci Bookout is the queen of Teem Mom’s body art. However, it seems like a new girl is opening her hand to pour out money and this time, it is not Jenelle Evans. In a recent report, it is divulged that Kailyn Lowry inked up her left arm, upper thigh, back and wrist with tattoo that was virtually unobserved for past few months despite the fact that tattoos were not inked up in a hidden spot.


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This spring, body tattoo has evolved a recent buzz when you hark back to Teen Mom Stars. This is because ink is curving out for popular stars of TM and their body art has grown as a trademark for enthusiasts. Recently, Maci Bookout has crafted some new tattoos on her body whereas Jenelle Evans also designed tattoo on her back. Right now, Kailyn Lowry of Teen Mom-2 is centre of attraction for most of the followers of this popular show. Kailyn Lowry really enjoyed her “back piece session-1” highlighting her new design, which is a part of large back tattoo. Kailyn Lowry tweeted that designing tattoo is a painful activity but it will be worth when job is done right.

Kailyn put her thoughts in almost every tattoo other than “Pride Over Pity” tattoo that she has removed. Until now, no one spotted her left arm tattoo featuring a mermaid and a star. According to Kailyn, she is a Pisces and trying to reach for stars from bottom through her tattoo. Kailyn Lowry herself is a collection of tattoos with a heart on her wrist that is common among other girls of MTV popular show ‘Teen Mom’, a large back tattoo, a quotation on her neck and another matching ‘Infinity Symbol’ that she share with Fiancé, Javi.


[box_dark]About Kailyn Lowry New Tattoo[/box_dark]

Kailyn Lowry loves her tattoos and best part is that her skin is comfortable with this body art. Moreover, she does not care what other people or her haters think about these tattoos. Kailyn’s new back tattoo portrays nature theme featuring a large flying bird, flowers and view of mountains. In addition to this, Kail has also inscribed a quote on the top of her body art that interprets “To the world you are one person, but to one person you are the world”.

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