Is inking really adding to the beauty of your body?

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It seems that tattoo trend is a rage as most of the people could be seen inking their body. No doubt, tattoo adds to the beauty of the body and also turns the body into an instrument of magic but as with any procedure done to the bodies, there are possibilities of side effects.

If you are thinking of having a tattoo or getting part of your body pierced well, think twice! Body art may seem a good idea but at the same time, can lead to hazardous health complications.

Risks involved in inking:

Un-sterile tattooing equipment can transmit infections including hepatitis B, hepatitis C and even HIV.

You could get granulomas, little nodules around the tattoo or keloid scar. Some people are prone to developing these keloid scars, which grow beyond the boundary of the tattoo. Granulomas and keloids are permanent unless you have them surgically removed.

Some people have hypersensitivity to particular color pigments and develop an allergic response.

Perhaps the most common problem with tattoos is removing them. What may have cost $100 to have put on may end up costing thousands to have removed with lasers or other procedures.

Tattoo ink is made from dyes derived from a variety of metals, which produce the distinctive colors inked on your bodies.

Symptoms of infection from tattoo:

Symptoms of infection are increasing pain, tenderness, swelling, heat around the tattoo site, red streaks, pus and swollen lymph nodes. If you happen to witness any of the mentioned signs, then it would be advisable to consult a physician.

If you consider tattooing yourself, weigh health risks well, take all precautions and get your tattoo in the right spirit.

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