Has the perception of tattoo changed in the workplace?

Getting a tattoo has become a real trend. If you are getting a permanent tattoo you need to make yourself ready to undergo the pain as the needle pierce through the body. But people are ready to undergo this pain just to keep up with this trend or for some personal reasons of their own. The problem with permanent tattoo is that once you get it, it is very difficult to remove it. So you need to make the right choice here. If not well chosen, it can be very disastrous and can ruin your image and you will be on the spotlight for unwanted attention. People who belong to the age group of 26 to 40, forty percent of them already have tattoo. It says one among 15 Americans have a tattoo.


Does a tattoo affect your job application?

Earlier hiring managers always advised the job seekers to cover up the tattoo. In a survey it was revealed that 61 percent of hiring managers said that a tattoo would really affect your job. To know whether this is true and does tattoo really impact the workplace and career opportunities an experiment was done. Few fake tattoos were drawn on a volunteer and he was sent for a job fair to see whether his tattoos will be an obstacle for him to get the aspiring job. One financial recruiter told that tattoo doesn’t matter and he himself had a tattoo.

Harvey Smith, a business and career management coach with Carolina Business Coach in South Park says when you are looking for a job you should know about the culture of the organization. They will be looking for your aptitude of your job as well as your attitude.

The next place to know about it was to go to a restaurant where to look on someone who served you had a tattoo. Rachel, the waitress of popular sushi and burger joint takes some time to show her tattoo which was a dragon fly for remembering her uncle who passed away few years back. Then the questions were asked to diners how they liked it. Some of the customer’s didn’t notice and those who noticed liked it and they took it in a positive spirit. It seems it is an authentic and fun thing to do in a contemporary restaurant.So tattoos is no longer that bad for your job as long as you have good aptitude as well as attitude.

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