The growth of multiple tattoo culture

Today many people like body tattoos and they are respectable, unlike a point of time in the past when tattoos were associated with the convicts, sailors and the gang members. The tattoo craze started with people getting a single tattoo on their body, and now this craze has taken a form of multiple tattoos on human bodies. People get a single tattoo done and then keep returning to the tattoo parlor for more tattoo works.

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Although there is no accurate data that shows the exact number of tattoo enthusiasts but if tattoo artists are asked, they say they have seen a tremendous increase in the number of people who keep coming for repeat needling. Dan Gold, a tattoo artist based in West Hampstead London, said that tattoo culture is pretty old. He gave the example of the metal bands of 1980’s whose members used to have one or two tattoos on their bodies. However, the tattoo culture has gone under a big transformation, as the rock stars of today are not satisfied with one or two tattoos, rather they love to have multiple tattoos on their body.

Not just the celebrities and artists, multiple tattoo craze one can see in the common people as well. Getting one or two body tattoos is fine, but more than that defines a tattoo addiction in a person. It is clear that multiple tattoo culture is nothing but a tattoo addiction. The factors fueling this unusual addiction are best explained with the physiological and psychological condition of a person.

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Getting a tattoo on your body is not a painless thing, especially the multiple tattoos people get are extremely painful, and still they get them. One thing that makes people take so much of pain is the adrenaline rush that they get from tattoo art on their body.

Another major reason for the tattoo addiction is the release of Endorphins from the brain that are natural pain relievers. While getting a tattoo endorphins flood the body and create a “high” for the person. The psychological reason that makes a person get multiple tattoos on body can often be attention seeking behavior. Some people love it when people stare at them because of a plethora of tattoos on their skin.


There was a time when a single tattoo on body used to be enough. However, people today love to get multiple tattoos on their body.

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