How to dilute tattoo ink


Tattoo ink is permanent ink contains pigments and is mainly used for making tattoos. It is available in wide variety of colors and shades. For a demanding unique and beautiful pattern, a tattoo artist has left no option other than to dilute tattoo ink to create a demanding pattern. In this case, tattoo ink can be altered into light and beautiful colors. For health safety reasons, tattoo artists use sterile products and sterile tools to dilute the tattoo ink. Still, the ink is permanent for lifetime but will create a lighter and delicate pattern. Below given are few points that will help to dilute tattoo ink.

Complexity Level: Moderate

Time required: One and an half hour.

Resources required:

1. Tattoo ink

2. Distilled water

3. Clean ink well cups

4. White tattoo ink

Estimated Cost: $10


1. Lay out ink well cups: The first step of diluting tattoo ink is to place out in small amount new and fresh disposable ink well cups. Pour equal small amount of full strength tattoo ink in all these tattoo cups. For sanitary reasons, use fresh disposable tattoo ink well cups.

2. Add distilled water: The second step is to add equal amount of distilled water in all these ink filled tattoo cups in small amount. Stir the mixture vigorously. A Runner forms out of the solution. This technique is usually used for black ink as it creates faint shades of water gray color.

3. Add drop of white tattoo: This is the last step in dilution of tattoo ink. Add drop of white tattoo ink to any tattoo that you wish to lighten. Be careful about the design and degree of dilution of tattoo ink. Overuse of diluted tattoo ink distorts the design of tattoo and it will look odd.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. How to make a tattoo?

A. Making tattoos is an ancient form of beautification. It is painful but adorns the body. Before making tattoo first think about the designs that you want and then find a professional tattoo artist with a valid license. Prepare mentally yourself to handle pain because pain is an integral part of a tattoo. After selecting the design and location of a tattoo on the body, choose the color of the tattoo. Color of a tattoo matters as color of some tattoos glow in the darkness. Hence choose the color very carefully as it gives a tattoo shape and appearance. Check the needle before making a tattoo on the body. After it, experience the pain of the tattoo and within minutes a beautiful tattoo will be on your body.

Q. How to make tattoo ink?

A. To make tattoo ink simply means that a tattoo artist have mixed readymade inks to form unique and beautiful colors for tattoos. Some tattoo artists take dry pigments and make their own ink of unique colors but this process is quite challenging. To make a simple tattoo ink you require few items such as black ink, white ink, sterile bottles for mixed ink, medical grade glycerin, sterile blender, propylene glycol, witch hazel and distilled water. The first thing that you have to perform is to mix the liquid ingredients, which include witch hazel 7/8 quart, one table spoon of each propylene and glycerin. After that, use a sterile blender and fill the blender with dry pigments and mixed solution of liquids. Blend the solution in blender for half an hour. A commonly referred slurry solution is formed of dry pigments and above mixed solution. Now fill the mixture into sterile bottles and store the ink away from sunlight.

Quick tips:

The intensity of resulting ink may vary depending upon the initial ink used for making tattoo.

Things to watch out for:

A tattoo should be made from a licensed professional tattoo artist. Beware of making tattoos from any local tattoo artist because higher are the chances of getting contracted by immune disease.

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