Classic flower tattoos and what they mean

Classic flower tattoos

Flowers tattoos are beautiful and they have special meaning. Roses, lilies, lotuses, sunflowers – these are a few of the most popular flower tattoos. Flawless tattoos are incredibly beautiful and enhances the mystery of the person who has them. If you’re thinking of getting a flower tattoo, then take a look at these classic flower tattoos and what they represent.

Classic flower tattoos and what they mean


Classic flower tattooThe iris has been tattooed on women for centuries. It has come to symbolize many different things, such as wisdom, faith and hope. The meanings vary from region to region. The colors of the iris stand for various things. Purple or dark blue stands for royalty, whereas yellow iris symbolizes passion. It also expresses admiration and courage.


The meaning of the flower tattoo daffodil is new beginnings and rebirth. The flower is associated with spring as it one of the perennials to bloom the first, after the cold frost of winter. The cheery yellow daffodil tattoos are most common, though people get them in white as well as orange.


HibiscusThe hibiscus flower holds different meaning depending on which part of the world you are in. In China, it is related to femininity, purity and beauty. In the Korean culture, the hibiscus symbolizes immortality. The hibiscus is one of the top favorites in flower tattoos, in places such as Hawaii, where the flower is the national flower, it represents ease and freedom and a laid-back lifestyle.  People who have this tattoo might like to show that they are free-spirited.


The lotus has mystical meaning associated with it. In many Eastern philosophies, the lotus is a symbol of enlightenment. The lotus in full bloom symbolizes attainment or success after struggle and hardship. It represents transformation of the ordinary into extraordinary. It is one of the best types of flower tattoos which represents strength and beauty. The color of the lotus also means something. The white lotus tattoo signifies enlightenment. The partially open blue lotus symbolizes spiritual and mental growth. The ‘Padma’ means divine beauty and purity. The pink lotus stands for the Buddha himself.


Classic-flower-tattoosThe lily is one of the best types of flower tattoos which is delicate, yet sends out a strong message. The flower has established itself in many cultures of the world representing elegance, purity, royalty and rebirth.  The lily can be tattooed along with other flower tattoos to create beautiful combination flower tats.


Peony is a favorite in countries all over the world, and especially in Japan. There, peonies are known as the king of all flower tattoos. Peonies symbolize wealth and elegance. The most common peony tattoo color is red, though the peony can be tattooed in many different colors as well.


Rose is one of the most popular flower tattoos loved worldwideRose is one of the most popular flower tattoos loved worldwide. Both men and women get rose tattoos due to the sheer beauty of the flower and also it’s symbolism. It means balance, undying hope and love and new beginnings. When the stem with thorns is added, then it conveys a different meaning such as loss, defense and thoughtlessness.

The color of the rose also has different meanings – red roses mean love, black rose symbolizes death (of relationships, loss of loved one and so on), and yellow rose means friendship. The meaning of this flower tattoo is deep. Couples get matching rose tattoos on their bodies to symbolize their undying love for each other. Sometimes tattoo artists add additional things such as dew drops which make the tattoo even more stunning. This makes the viewer think of fresh, beautiful mornings and refreshing nature.


Bright yellow sunflower tattoos are quite striking and stunning. It is one of the popular flowers for tattoos and is to be seen in many flower bouquet tattoos. The vibrant yellow makes the flower stand out among other flowers and makes the bouquet tattoo mesmerizing. A flower bouquet tattoo can be done on the upper arm or stretching all along the upper back. Happiness, good luck and new beginnings are few of the meanings associated with it.


TulipsTulips are resilient flower year after year. It is a symbol for determination, resilience and rebirth. Tulips are commonly chosen by people who have overcome some obstacle in their lives. They look pretty and have a wonderful, inspiring message.


Lavender tattoos represent calmness, grace and devotion. Purple lavender is associated with luxury and royalty. The simple grace of the lavender flower tattoo symbolizes the medicinal and healing properties, and is popular for people who have recently been healed of some illness. Sometimes people have been seen tattooing lavender flowers when they have seen the beauty of lavender fields. Lavender is one of the popular flowers for tattoos all over the world.


Classic-flower-tattoosThis flower tattoo can be termed as the one for joy and happiness as well as longevity. It is special for the Japanese, where people associate it with the royalty or the emperor, who sits on the Chrysanthemum Throne.


Orchids are exotic flowers which have diverse meanings in numerous cultures. For the Chinese, it means refinement, fertility and prosperity. In Japan it represents bravery, whereas the ancient Aztecs associated orchids with strength and power. As there are thousands of varieties of orchids, you can easily find any orchid of your choice.

Flower tattoos are amazingly beautiful, that can be colorful or in monochrome, or in tones of blacks and greys. Make your own delicate bouquets or get them done in solid and powerful colors to indicate your strength though grace.

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