All About Arm Tattoos

One of the most common type of tattoos found all over the world are arm tattoos. Popular both in Western and Eastern culture, wrist and forearm are considered to be the best canvas to display their believes, interests and memories. Here are a few popular arm tattoo designs and handy tips.

1. Americana Tattoos

Americana tattoos are generally really large in size. They are very commonly seen on lower backs and arms. These tattoos cover up the entire arm and generally go up to the upper arm, all the way. Basic designs that are seen in Americana tattoos are nautical stars, family crest, swallows or other birds. Some men choose to tattoo pic-up girls on their upper arms as well.

2. Japanese Tattoos

The most popular tattoos that are seen on arms are Japanese tattoos. The following elements are generally used:

3. Koi Fish

There are fourteen different types of Koi fish that designs are based on: Kohaku, Taisho Sanke, Showa, Bekko, Utsurimono, Asagi, Shusui, Koromo, Kawarimono, Hikarimono, Hikari-Utsurimono, Tacho and Kinginrin.

Koi is seen as a very manly symbol in Japan. Legend has it, that the koi climbs the waterfall bravely, and even if they are caught, they face death bravely. In China, it is believed that if the koi is able to climb the “Dragon Gate” on the Yellow River, it transforms into a dragon. So in China, koi is also a symbol of advancement and aspiration.

If a koi tattoo is made with running water then it is meant to symbolize courage and the ability to attain goals and to overcome life’s difficulties.

4. Tigers

These creatures are associated with power, ferocity and passion. Tiger tattoos have a wide range of designs. They can either be just a face on the upper arm or an entire tiger on the arm. But the most interesting thing that can be done with a tiger tattoo is a tribal or Celtic style.

5. Flowers

Obviously the favorite choice of girls, Flowers make perfect wrist and armbands. Tribal and Celtic designs are very appropriate for wristband tattoos, while a variety of designs can be made if one chooses to tattoo the entire arm.

6. Kanji

Words like love, peace, fire, etc. are seen written in beautiful Japanese calligraphy. These tattoos are perfect for the upper arm and the wrist. People who get these words tattooed generally relate the word to their life, or an incident in their life, while some just tattoo it just because it looks beautiful.

Always check with the meaning of the kanji word before you tattoo them from reliable sources as some tattoo artists claim inappropriate words to be meaningful ones like love, heart or peace as a prank.

7. Hearts

Tattoos on the upper arm of hearts are the most popular design in the west. Heart tattoos are found in many different designs and can be tattooed everywhere on the body.

1. Simple small hearts on the wrist or on the skin between the thumb and index finger.

2. Bigger hearts on the upper arm with a long and wide parchment around it, with names of their loved ones on it. Very popular among teens who write “Mom” or “Dad” or adults who write the name of their spouse.

3. Long tribal designs are absolutely beautiful for wristbands and armbands.

4. A large and elaborate design is generally made when one chooses to tattoo the upper arm.

5. Heart tattoos are very commonly designed along with elements like roses, parchments, skulls, names, butterflies and knives.

8. Tribal and Celtic

Tribal and Celtic designs are made on the upper arm. They look purely stunning if they are tattooed on a strong built male. There are no limits to the number of designs that can be found or made.

Choosing the Placement

1. Make sure that having a tattoo does not create problems in your personal or official life as many families do not approve of the human skin being a canvas and many offices do not employ people with tattoos. So make sure that the tattoo is not easily visible.

2. Wrist and forearm tattoos are much more painful than upper arm tattoos, so be ready to take the pain.

3. Check what color suits you. If a normal black and tattoo looks good, doesn’t mean that it will look good when colored and vice versa.

Remember that your arm is a very visible part of your body and choosing the right tattoo is thus very important. Also you do not want to tattoo something that you may not like after some time as tattoos are permanent and here, unlike a normal disposable paper, your skin in the canvas. Choose wisely and make your skin look beautiful.

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