Are tattooed celebs bad role models?


A celebrity can influence many people and particularly the young population worships them. Their way of living and dressing is what intrigues most of the youngsters and they want to follow it the same way. Tattoos are one of the growing trends across the world and the famous people like celebrities are very fond of getting inked. You read and watch them getting a new tattoo every other day due to many reasons. Just like their new hairstyle becomes a trend as soon as it is on the news, their tattoos too influence many young people to do the same thing. Do you think it is right to follow the tattooed celebs?

Katie Hopkins thinks that it is a bad idea that celebrities flaunt their new tattoos every other day as they are setting bad examples before the young generation of today. Katie happens to be a businesswoman by profession and she recently spoke her mind about the topic. Katie said that the young people today are all set to compete with their favorite celebrities in any way they can. Almost fifty percent of the youngsters want to be celebrities when they grow up as shared by Katie Hopkins.

The one way which appeals to youngsters to become more like the celebrity they follow is to do everything the celebrity does even if it is getting a new tattoo everyday. This was the view of Katie Hopkins and now it is time to talk about what Katie Waissel has to say on the subject. Katie is a former participant of X factor and also a fan of tattoos which made her disagree to the argument presented by Katie Hopkins. She said that people get tattoos because they want them and not because they are competing with a celebrity.

It is a matter of personal choice as per Katie Waissel. She also added that she totally understands and respects the fact that there are certain people who do not like the concept of getting inked. Katie said that she has many tattoos on her body and each one has a special significance for her. Katie Hopkins also added that tattoos might hamper the growth of a person in the professional world and also said that she would not employ a person who has tattoos. Tattoos might send wrong messages to her customers said Katie Hopkins.

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