AIDS From Needle And Danger From Tattoo Pigments!!!

aids from needle but danger from tattoo ink 49
A recent research by two chemists Ronald Petruso and Jani Ingram concluded that carcinogenic chemicals are being used as tattoo pigments, which might be dangerous.

“The number of people with tattoos is growing and still we don’t see much aired in the media about possible dangers outside of AIDS and hepatitis.”
The pigments they make are used by auto manufactures for making paint,”

Petruso said.

The possibility of contracting AIDS or hepatitis from a dirty needle is the first precaution taken while inking but they forget about the harmfulness of the pigments used to color. The ink is toxic and is being used as drugs.

“There are so many tattoo parlors out there that you don’t have any idea where they’re buying their supplies. People come in knowing about hepatitis and AIDS, and tattoo artists are careful about ensuring that the needles are sterile. But they don’t expect to see [dangerous] chemicals present in those pigments, and that’s the situation that needs to be addressed,”


I wish you all a safe tattooing and hope this information will alert you to check the ink used by the artist rather than only sterilized needles. To get more details about the research visit:


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