80-year-old tattoos last wishes on her chest

Sorry folks, today we’re really taking you’ll very close to the graves. After having a close shave with the tattooed mummy it’s time to meet Mary Wohlford from Dyersville, Iowa, who had tattooed her last wishes “DO NOT RESUSCITATE” on her chest for her family in case she goes out of action.

You might wonder, why she didn’t wrote a simple will to convey the message, but hold on, she has already done so and the written will is hanging on her refrigerator.

Mary Wohlford said:

People might think I’m crazy, but that’s OK. Sometimes the nuttiest ideas are the most advanced. I don’t believe in lawyers too much.

So, now we got it. But in the emergency room experts would prefer to stick to their jobs rather than reading the bizarre tattoo and counting her trembling breaths. Despite all this Mary Wohlford regrets that she missed to put the date with the tattoo. No need to worry Mary you still have some time to do that, go on fulfill your last wish.


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