6 First time tattooing tips

Getting a tattoo

For youngsters, getting a tattoo is synonymous to carrying your attitude on your sleeve. The tattoo design speaks for the personality and the choice of the person. It isn’t difficult finding people who have lots of tattoos all over their body. But if you are going to get it done for the first time, you ought to know quite a lot beyond picking the right design. We have put together a list of first time tattooing tips. Read on.

1. Know your tattoo artist well

You just need to be a little familiar with kind of work and quality that a tattoo professional delivers before you decide to go to him/her. Rather than believing on ads and claims made by the artists themselves, it would be better to believe on the word of mouth. Consult people who have got done a tattoo in the parlor you are planning to go. It is always better to go and talk to the artist in advance over the designs, the colors that’ll suit you, and see a few sample works.

2. Hygiene

Keep your eyes and mind open when you visit the tattoo parlor. Don’t try to save a few bucks on getting done a tattoo. It’s fine if you have to spend a little more to go in a better parlor. Ask your tattoo artist about the hygiene part. The parlor you choose should have acceptable hygiene standards. The needles and the machines being used for tattooing should be sterilized. Have a look on the entire apparatus and place and go only when you feel satisfied.

3. Placement

While people pay a lot of attention to the kind of design that they are going to pick, generally they tend to avoid a very vital point, the placement. If you are above 20, placement of tattoo for you may not be that sensitive an issue as for those below 20. In the growing age, one main concern is of the tattoo being shifted slightly due to growth of the body. So you do need to consult your tattoo artist for this too. It is safe to get done a tattoo at a place that would be hidden when wearing professional outfit, because if you are planning to move to a corporate job in the career building time, it may slightly look off from your professional image. It’s better to think about these issues while choosing the right place for your tattoo.

4. Timing

Just getting a tattoo is not enough. How good a tattoo looks depends on the healing process and the care that you shower on it. There are lots of things to be taken care of, like moisturizing the tattoo, applying ointment at every small interval for a few days, avoiding any sort of friction, etc. Select the time of the year that’s most convenient for all of these things. In case you are getting it done in the scorching sun, it would be hard to keep the tattooed skin safe from the direct sun light. Similarly, monsoons are more infection prone. Also you need to zero on a day when you could avoid most of your activities as it would keep the tattooed skin safe. Also, give a thought to your skin problems or allergies, if any, before going for it.

5. Tattoo aftercare

This is a really important part. You have to take care of your tattoo for almost one week after getting it done. You cannot leave it just like that to dry because it would cause scabbing. Scabbing not only affects the design of the tattoo, but also causes loss of ink. You need to be equipped with anti-bacterial lotions, suitable ointments, a good quality moisturizer, etc. because the newly tattooed skin needs proper moisturization, care, and it must be kept clean. You may need to give a lot of time to it the same day, because the fluid keeps oozing out from the tattooed part.

6. Talk it out

This is one of the very important parts in getting a tattoo. You need to avoid certain things before and after getting tattooed. You shouldn’t be inebriated at the time. Rather it is better to talk to the artist regarding what you have taken, what you should take on the day you want to get tattooed, or even after that. Tell him in case you are on any sort of medication as certain medicines may lead to more pain during tattooing. Also, keep him informed about any skin sensitivity or other such things so that he knows how to handle it.

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