6 Facts about shoulder tattoos

Shoulder being a wide, flat area offer ample canvas to make an intricate design that either be shown off or covered when needed. Here are some facts about shoulder tattoos you need to know before you get one made for yourself.

1. Locations for shoulder tattoos

There are in fact several places on the human body that come under the term shoulder in daily usage. This is a place where the torso joins the arms. When talking about a tattoo on the shoulder, it refers to that flat area located on the upper back, which is also called as shoulder blade.

2. Types of shoulder tattoos

Many themes can work great in this area. The shoulder is also taken as an excellent spot to make memorial tattoos. The trendiest choices for shoulder tattoos include the nautical themes such as anchors, nautical stars and swallows. Women mainly go for flowers, celestial themes, kanji as well as exotic pictures.

Some well-liked designs for the shoulder tattoos include crosses, angels, wings, sparrows, fairies, butterflies and Sun. You can also consider geometric designs, especially the ones those deliver 3D effect or else go for opposite or complementary words or phrases making one on each shoulder. Some also go for favorite verses, quotes or even lyrics of songs. Zodiac signs or animal designs spanning across the shoulder can also be a good option.

3. Where to get ideas

Tattoo ideas are easily available on websites. But it is advisable to get a tattoo drawn individually for you, nevertheless have an idea about what kind of design of tattoo you want.

Below is a list of sites that you can search for inspiration regarding designs:

Tattoo Johnny offers more than 1,400 diverse shoulder tattoo ideas.

Tattoos by Design also let you look out for specific designs.

4. Versatility of a shoulder tattoo

Shoulder tattoo is well-liked among both men and women. It may be not a particularly visible spot as other tattoos. But shoulders get exposed more during summers and under situations that people may consider to adorn them. Shoulder tattoos can be small to large in size. Tattoos in the shoulder area are considered as an area of prominence for several people. Women seemingly love this area for tattooing as it adds up a sexier tint to their look.

5. Special care of shoulder ink

The shoulder being a main movement area, so special care needs to be taken as not to irritate the area during the tattoo healing process. Do follow the instruction given by your tattoo artist regarding the aftercare, which includes what kind of ointment or lotion to be applied on your new ink, how long does it need to be covered after tattooing. A shoulder tattoo can be painful at times, both during the healing and the making process as it is more of a muscle area with low fat. Make sure you sleep on the side of stomach till the bruised feeling reduces.

Shoulder tattoos get exposed to sun to a larger extent because of their position on the body. Ensure to use a sunblock that offers larger sun protection, i.e., at least SPF 30 to protect the beauty and color of your tattoo.

6. Consider a shoulder tattoo

Keep in mind when you are deciding to get a new tattoo and wondering where to place the new ink and if you consider your shoulder then it means that this tattoo is visible to others and not you. So think about it in the perception as to how other would view your tattoo and how will it look on your shoulder. Shoulder being a highly versatile and visible part; ensure your tattoo doesn’t seem out of place.

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