4 Risk of getting a wrist tattoo

Skin is a very responsive part of our body system and one needs to take special care of it. This is more true when one thinks of getting a wrist tattoo or for that matter any needle done permanent tattoo. Each person’s skin is not equally suited for the foreign injects that come with the tattoo needle. One also needs to pay extra attention after the tattoo is done. Infections arising out of tattooing can be a serious problem and can adversely affect the system. Infections are one of the most feared after effects of tattooing. Apart from that there are several other things that must be taken good care of.

1. Common risks

The ink used in tattoo piercings can be detrimental for the skin. Prior to getting a tattoo done one should always check with a skin specialist weather his body will positively react to the foreign elements. You should always get your tattoo done from a really experienced artist. An inexperienced artist may cause damage to your veins and one of the most common blood borne disease is Hepatitis C or HIV. It is one of the most feared disease with no care found till now. Always see that sterilized new needles are used for your body art. Since your wrists are one of the most sensitive part of your body take extra care to protect your veins otherwise even your hands may go crippled.

2. Specific risks

The ink for tattooing is injected just below the first skin layer. In case of the wrists there is less amount of fatty tissues than other parts of the body and thus both the inner and outer veins become more vulnerable. If the needle is penetrated too deep, the ink may be injected into the veins and this can cause permanent and painful blood clots. You obviously would like to avoid something like this.

3. Pain

The pain associated with tattooing is individual specific. It really depends on your tolerance levels, however you may be sure that this blood art will cause at least some amount of pain to even the sturdiest and bravest of person. The fat oil tissue present at the nerve endings help reduce pain but in case of the wrists, these tissues are low in amount. Nerves on the wrists are closer to the surface of the skin and thus more intense is the pain of tattooing.

4. Visibility of wrist tattoos

Tattoos are often always done to be flaunted. However if they look funky to your friends and girlfriend, your parents may not rightly approve of it. Also you may face problems at the workplace unless of course if you are into the fashion or media industry. Tattoos in the wrists cannot be hidden easily. Even long sleeve shirts will show up your wrists. the farther you get the tattoo done from your wrists, the better will be your opportunity to hide it and the pain will be less too.

After you get your wrist tattoo done you need to keep the area bandaged and soothe it with ointments.

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