3 Ideas to cover up your Tattoo

Hiding a tattoo

Tattoo is like a permanent mark on the body. There might be occasions when you would want to cover up your tattoo, may be for a formal event or for the dislike of the design. Getting a tattoo removed would be painful, expensive and would come with side effects. Nonetheless, there are a few easy ways to conceal your tattoo. Listed here are a few ideas to temporarily conceal your tattoo till you come up with a new one or are done with the formal event.

1. Cover them up with clothing

The best and the easiest way to cover up a tattoo is to cover them under clothing. A full-sleeved t-shirt can easily cover up any tattoos on your arms. Similarly, a jeans reaching up to your ankles can cover up tattoos on your legs. As far as covering up tattoos on your neck goes, you can wear a collared t-shirt and turn the collars up. It will not only do the task of covering up the tattoo, but will also look great! Better still, wear a turtle-neck t-shirt. It completely covers your neck up.

There is also a product called ‘Tatjacket’, which is a skin-colored bandage which you can wear over your arms and legs. TatJacket is perfect for people whose jobs don’t allow having tattoos, like law enforcement officials and hospital workers.

2. Using make-up to cover the tattoos

This is probably the most popular way of temporarily concealing a small tattoo. Applying skin-colored make-up on the tattoo goes a long way is temporarily covering it.

For this, first test different types of concealers and foundations on the tattoo. Make sure that the make-up matches exactly with the skin-tone around the tattoo. Shave the hair over the tattoo so that the make-up doesn’t stick to the hair. Apply a coat of concealer over the tattoo and make sure it has covered up the entire tattooed area, then wait for the layer to dry. Apply two more coats of concealer and let them dry. Now, with the help of a powder brush, dust some translucent powder on the tattoo. This will will reduce shininess caused by the layers of concealers. Now the tattoo is concealed and you are good to go!

Additionally there are tattoo cover-up kits available in the market. These kits are available in various skin-tones, but there are also kits which include a number of shades. You can experiment with these shades until you get an exact match with your skin-tone

3. Cover up the original piece with another

You can add something to the embarrassing tattoo which you already have and make it interesting, so that you won’t even need to hide it! You can go to different tattoo artists and ask them for suggestions, or you can come up with your own design.

Getting a cover-up tattoo means adding details to the existing tattoo, which means paying more for the cover-up. Bear in mind that getting a cover-up tattoo entails incorporating darker colours in the existing tattoo. This is because tattoo ink is translucent. If you select lighter colors for the new tattoo, the original tattoo will show through.

While getting a cover-up tattoo make sure that you visit a good tattoo-artist who is known for his/her tattoo cover-up skills. Go through the tattoo-artist’s work so you get an idea of how good he or she is. If you don’t have a self-made cover-up design, then the tattoo-artist’s skill will be the most important thing, as he or she will have to come up with a custom design which will cover-up or compliment your existing tattoo well.

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