10 Internet tattoos

10 internet tattoos

It is a great idea to have a tattoo that is inspired by internet and internet related things, especially from the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, My space etc. Nowadays, it has become a fashion because it looks unique and gives a good business to the tattoo makers. Those days are gone when tattoos were given in dark, back-alley parlors by intimidating makers from whom you cannot ask a single question. This is the age of technology and internet, so why leave tattoos. Here is a list of some of the computer related tattoos, enjoy seeing them.

1. You don’t have to like me

You don’t have to like me

This tattoo belongs to the famous social networking circle in the world-Facebook. We all love it, but rapper T-pain tried to take the love for Facebook to a next level when he got a Facebook tattoo on his arm and he succeeded. The tattoo says, “You don’t have to like me” with a thumbs up and the like option that is a trademark of the networking website. T-pain posted the picture of the tattoo on Twitter and said that he will get a tattoo every time he will visit Hawaii.

This is not the first time that a musician has tried a creative tattoo on his body. Before some weeks, Gucci Mane created an ice cream cone tattoo on his face, but the new Facebook tattoo of T-pain is the latest.

2. Julian Cole Facebook Tattoo

Julian Cole Facebook Tattoo

There are individuals for whom no media challenges are very big to achieve. One of them is Julian Cole, who gave a statement that if more than 500 people will join the Julian Cole Facebook Fan Page by the end of Friday, he will get a Facebook tattoo to his backside and upload the full process on You Tube. The picture that you are seeing here is of January.

3. Twitter Whale

Twitter Whale

If you are thinking about some internet based tattoos then the Twitter whale is not too bad. It looks cool as well as people will think that you are a geek or Twitter lover. The picture shown in the social networking site-Twitter is not exactly a whale; it is a failed whale help up by a flock of birds. It is employed during downtime periods of the social networking site, which allows users to share short messages and statements, usually known as “Tweets.” Whenever the Twitter is overloaded, it shows the fail whale error message.

4. Facebook

Facebook tattoo

There is a competition going on, which involves numbers and tattoos. The same happened in the case of Julian Cole. There is another incident, where a person will engrave the word “Facebook” on her arms in a documentary film and social media experiment named “Social Network Ink.” The tattoo will complete in one time, it will be done letter after letter. The first word of the tattoo will be done on the right hand, once the page facebook.com/myfbtattoo completes 1000 fans. The next word A will be tattooed when the page crosses a fan mark of 10, 000.Now, imagine how much time and number of fans it will take to complete the tattoo.

5. MySpace

MySpace tattoo

Forget Facebook, comments, like or unlike, MySpace is here this time in the face of a Tattoo. One of the finest tattoos based on the social networking website-MySpace. If you want, you can change the layout and color, according to your taste. You will not find this tattoo on anyone’s body because this is almost obsolete but it is far better than the common sparrow, butterfly, and skull tattoos. If you like MySpace and want to show it to your friends, try this.

6. Android Tattoo

Android Tattoo

Do not confuse with the mobile phone that will be offered by HTC with the name of Tattoo. We are talking here about a girl, Natalie Thompson who joined the unique rank of Zune person and Blackberry storm Cankle Man with her Android tattoo. She is a fan of the new open source OS and got this tattoo to support the open source in general, so don’t you think that she made this tattoo because she is sad or lonely, seeking for something. She got this tattoo at the arm on her biggest and most special day, on her birthday.

7. Yahoo Tattoo

Yahoo tattoo

Do not even try to think that it is done by Photoshop because it is original. If you love Yahoo mail or Yahoo messenger, you can try this. Seeing any brand name through tattoos is not a new think but I am sure that none of your friends, relatives, and surrounding people will carry this tattoo. Once in your lifetime you have used yahoo mail or yahoo messenger for sure, now the time is for payback. Get this tattoo somewhere on your body that it can be visible to the viewers and endorse the brand.

8. Internet Tattoo

Internet tattoo

Using internet as a marketing tool was common, but using the word internet for making a tattoo is new. You can find from your friends, none of them has tried to engrave the word internet in different fingers. After seeing the picture you will say that this is the craziest and most meaningless tattoo, but see the second part, you will be the first to have it. If you are a tattoo maker then include this design in your selections and be assured that this will drive more traffic in your shop.

9. Follow me

Follow me tattoo

Tattoo makers and those who like a unique tattoo on their body, this is for you. Everybody knows that the tattoos are a form of expression, but in this outrageous tattoo, you are really expressing your feeling. I will suggest this tattoo for girls, get this tattoo on your legs, wear a skirt and see the difference.

10. iGoogle

iGoogle tsttoo

This is one of the latest tattoos because as you know iGoogle is a new social networking website and is recently releases for the users. The first person to get this tattoo is Ivan Morrison who leaves in Montreal.

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