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Most painful body parts to get a tattoo

Getting a permanent tattoo on your body parts is definitely a very painful job. It puts you in immense pain when the needle pierces your skin to spray the permanent ink into your skin. There are many body parts where making a tattoo would be so painful that you may not think of getting another tattoo on that area ever. However, the influence of the modern trend of tattoos helps people in bearing the pain. Let us discuss few of those spots where getting a tattoo will be very painful for you.


  • Spine

Spine is made of 26 bones and out of these 26 bones, 24 bones go from the bottom to the neck. If you try to put a tattoo on your spine, it will put you in immense pain with every movement of the needle piercing your body.

  • Hip

Hip is also the area of your body, which gives you enough pain when you start creating a tattoo on it. The closer the needle gets to your bone, you feel more pain. If you want to get a tattoo done on your hip, better go to an expert tattoo artist so that you will feel less pain.


  • Ankle

The anklebones are very sensitive so you need to avoid getting a tattoo on your ankle. It takes a lot of time for pain healing from the ankle after getting your tattoo done. You need to be sure that the tattoo is designed around your ankle or on the top of your ankle. You should avoid the tattoo on the top of the bone in your ankle.


  • Behind the Ear

The body part behind the ear comprises of thin skin so it pains a lot when you get the thin skin pierced by the needle to get a tattoo done.

  • Lip

It is too painful to user your lips to design tattoos on it as it does not have any fatty tissues.


  • Inner Elbows

The inner elbows are made of out and out bones. So it pains a lot when you start doing a tattoo on the inner part of the elbow. The wounds take a lot of time and care to get healed.

  • Foot

There are hardly any muscle tissues on the foot so the pain that arises during designing a tattoo on your foot generates huge pain and it is also augmented there.

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