Rib tattoos for women

The natural body curves of women provide body artists with a lot of scope to display their artistic skills. The rib tattoos are the best designed tattoos that suit women the most. These rib tattoos look really sexy on the women body as they help in highlighting the most attractive parts of a woman that are the waist, chest, and the belly.

Projecting a sexy and bold image has become a fashion statement for the woman of today. The rib tattoos of course help women in projecting themselves in their desired way. These rib tattoos are not only body art masterpieces but they also attract a lot of eyes. The rib tattoos might be small or large in size but it matters a void in the style statement that comes out from the tattoo.

The design of the rib tattoo should support the body texture of the women. If you want to display yourself as more feminine, you may select a flowery design. If you are very jovial, lively, and playful, you must choose a very colorful design. If you are an athlete and want to symbolize stamina and strength, you can go for impressions of the powerful animals such as tigers and lions.

Let us discuss the verities of the rib tattoos that would look pretty on the women ribs.


  • Cherry Blossoms

It is the most popular rib tattoo design available in market now. The popularity is because the display of sophistication and femininity provided by this design. You cannot just ignore the beauty of the woman body when you see the women with this tattoo.

  • Butterfly

Butterfly rib tattoos are quite noticeable as these are very colorful. It brings a different type of attraction and fascination towards the colors used in the tattoo. It represents the personality of the person. Butterflies being the colorful insects with colorful wings and slender bodies inspire a lot of people. The butterfly tattoos come in different colors, sizes, and designs.


  • Phoenix

Phoenix, the bird itself signifies many things. Phoenix is believed to be a bird that resurrects from its own ashes once it dies and turns into ashes. It may represent immortality. However, the bird was beautiful to look at with long beautiful colored tails. The tattoo artist finds enough space to draw it on the ribs. The individuals who go for this tattoo can be believed to be the winners against the test of time.


  • Eagle

The eagle rib tattoo is an innovative design for your choice of tattoo for you. Many tattoo designers appreciate the eagle rib tattoo for its contribution of tattoo industry. The eagle tattoo signifies bravery and courage.

  • Japanese Rib Tattoo

The Japanese rib tattoo has gained popularity in recent days as it signifies the Japanese culture. The traditional Japanese tattoos are also called Irezumi or Horimono, which means “engraving” or “carving”.


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