‘World’s most senior tattooed woman’: Age no bar!

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Age no bar! Sounds a cliché…Right? Guys, allow me to introduce to an exemplar of this cliché sounding quote. Mrs. Isobel Varley, a Guinness Book of Records holder. And you know what made her the record winner? Tattoos! She is the ‘World’s most senior tattooed woman’. Almost every square cm of her body is covered with tattoos (even the inside of her nether regions and the ends of her toes).

Hey guys, let me tell you she has not got her face inked when asked the reason, she said:

I want people to be able to see what I look like.

Recently she flaunted her cool tattoos at Tattoo Convention show in Berlin. Why not take a journey of the beautiful pics of this tattoo aficionado? Enjoy!
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