World War II veteran finally etches his tattoo dream after 64 years

101st airborne
What it feels like nurturing a tattoo dream for 64 years and finally getting it done? Ask Charles ‘Chick’ Keim, a former paratrooper, now 83, who’s just etched his dream tattoo.

At 19, when Charles was boozing around with his friends in a local London pub, planned to get one, but the idea was thwarted with the bombing raid in 1943 during World War II.

But now, he proudly sports the multicolored 101st Airborne tattoo on his arm depicting parachute with wings and a screaming eagle. The horrors of war melted long back but Charles never allowed his tattoo dream to dilute away and is went straight to a tattoo parlor in Nampa to get the final cut.


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