dating someone with body piercings

What to consider when dating someone with body piercings

People with body piercings are the cynosure of all eyes. They stand out of the crowd and rightly so..they went through a lot of pain to get pierced. Nose and ear piercing is quite common and is kind of a fashion statement, and look great on some people. You can’t help but stare at lip, cheek, chin, eyebrow and tongue piercing, and maybe a few more in parts of the body not visible to us. Navel piercing too was a rage sometime back. Question is, if you’re attracted to someone with body piercings, there are some things you have to keep in mind.

Don’t ask obvious questions

dating someone with body piercingsThey will probably be asked questions like “Does it pain?” by others all the time. Well, obviously it doesn’t hurt all the time otherwise why would someone get pierced. You have to stay clear of such questions and accept them as they are. They do not like their uniqueness being questioned so just be quiet about it.

You might in fact be fascinated with people who have pierced their bodies, and if you want to get to know them, you can find them on many online sites, but be sure to read the reviews of the sites such as skipthegames review.

Accept all the attention

If you’re dating someone with piercings, don’t be fazed by all the attention which comes your way. It will be both positive and negative, so be ready to support your date when they need it. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the attention you will get wherever you go. 

Piercing is a matter of personal choice, but most people have very different ideas about it, and cannot accept the unusual looks of pierced people. But the person sitting across from you, who may have a little or a lot of rings and studs on various parts of their body, are expressing their own self, and might need your support to handle all the negativity.

They are intense people

dating someone with body piercings

Be ready to accept their intense nature. They might not be the most easy-going people around. You should expect intense emotional reactions to situations, to things (and people) they don’t like. They might have strong views on many subjects which might differ from yours. If you don’t like conflict, then you should both agree to disagree. If it gets too much for you, gently step out of the relationship. Or else, stick to your guns, and they might respect you all the more for it.

Be amazed by their creativity

Many people with piercings have a creative side, which people who don’t know them don’t get to see.  But if you get close to this guy/girl, you might be surprised to find their creative bent – they may be great singers, composers and artists in their own right.

People with piercings may also have a kinky side to them. Go ahead and keep dating to experience the unexpected and have the time of your life!

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