UV tattoos becoming a craze

If you’re sporting a tattoo, it’s clear that you don’t want to look normal and endeavors to make an impact. But what about making a glowing impact? Yes, you can do that with the help of sparkling Ultra Violet tattoos. UV ink is not a new concept, but in the recent years its popularity has skyrocketed.

The charm of UV tattoo lies in the fact that it appears invisible under normal light and emerges under black lighting, morphing the design completely. Also referred to as black-light tattoos, the art has blossomed amongst body art enthusiasts, especially youngsters who want to look discrete.

However, people are skeptical regarding safety concerns associated with UV tattoos owing to the chemical composition of the ink. As per reports, people sporting UV tattoos are more likely to have skin rashes and infections. It’s better to make sure that ink doesn’t have phosphorus and is regulated by FDA.


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