Tulsa inked Despite ban!

tulsa inked
It was the best they could do on the All Fools Day, inking the whole town despite a ban. The statewide ban on tattooing in Oklahoma could not restrict tattoo lovers to celebrate the First Tulsa Tattoo Convention. It reflects the popularity of the art and sends a clear signal to the authorities to come forward and respect it and organize the messed up things in the town.

The Hive event center was decked with around 60 booths and mocked at the stand taken by the government. It’s time to legalize it with positive and constructive laws governing the whole business.

Even Tim Harris, Tulsa County District Attorney, shrugged off the issue by considering homicide cases more important than going after the tattoo freaks. Hmm!

And the good news is that State lawmakers are scheduled to vote today on a bill that would legalize tattooing in Oklahoma.


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