Tripping Ashlee Simpson tortures radio host with her ugly new tattoo

ashlee tattoo

In most businesses, showing up drunk at work would get you the proverbial boot for sure. But since there is no business like show business, and there’s nothing like bad press in the happyland that is celebdom, Ashlee Simpson decided to add a little zing to her scheduled promotional appearance at Hot 99.5’s Kane in the Morning.

Not only did Ashlee torment the RJ by slurring together an ‘insightful’ backdrop for her new album, she also made him look at her newly-dyed red mane and an insanely ugly new flower tattoo, which the singer claimed was a peony.

The clearly drunk Ashlee tried her best to not appear, well, drunk, but since the stunt got her the intended press coverage, I guess the fact no longer even matters.

P.S. her reps cleaned up the artist’s party trail by claiming that Ashlee was ‘simply tired’ what with all the touring and PR stuff she has to cope with. Late night booze-fuelled parties still count as hard work, right?

Source: 7Confessions

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