Top celeb tattoo designs you should adorn your persona with

Everything a celebrity does is fodder for news! And one thing that particularly sparks an interest about a celebrity is the tattoo he/she sports and its inner meaning. While some tattoos may be inappropriate or downright weird, some hog the limelight whenever the celebrities that sport them step out in public.

Here are some of the best celebrity tattoos that we have come across in recent times. Although there were a couple of really good choices, these top the list when it comes to design, creativity and overall feel.

Katie Price

What better way than showing the world that you are out of a relationship and are in no mood to rekindle it any time in the future than sporting a tattoo of your ex’s name with a large cross across it? That’s what Katie Price did the moment she called it quits with her husband Pete (aka Peter Andre).

The thought may have been a bit overdramatic. Nevertheless, you got to hand it to Katie for taking the decision (and having the guts) to show everyone that her relationship with Pete is ‘done and dusted’. She also has a crown tattoo with the word ‘Princess’ below it on her wrist (to symbolize her daughter). Overall, a cute combination we would say.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina is quite the family oriented person and we love her choice of tattoos. Instead of opting for their names or portraits, Angelina preferred to ink the coordinates of the countries from where she adopted her children Pax, Maddox and Zahara. A very nice and creative gesture indeed!


Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham

The ‘Posh’ Spice girl might be pretty posh on the outside. But she sure is sentimental on the inside and loves her family dearly. She has a couple of really cute stars inscribed on her back, one for each member of the Beckham family, including herself. Really sentimental (and sweet) Victoria!

Heidi Klum

Heidi may have separated from Seal. But the couple used to renew their wedding vows each year and both of them got inked permanently on their 4th wedding anniversary. The tattoo Heidi sports on her right arm contains Seal’s name and the initials of their three children hidden in quaint little stars. Pretty stylish and deemed iconic, Heidi’s stunning tattoo had people rushing to the parlors to try out creative ways to show their love for their family.


Christina Applegate

Not many celebrities opt for ankle tattoos for fear of the latter not being noticed properly. However, Christina Applegate seems to be quite comfortable showing off some really stylish tattoos on her ankles.

She has a braided vine like tattoo on her left ankle and the word ‘Agape’ (meaning ‘unconditional love’) on her right ankle. Her right ankle also has flourish tattoo. All three tattoos together get their fair share of attention and look ‘out of the world’ when paired with a sexy pair of heels.

Nicole Richie

Out of all the tattoos Nicole Richie has on her body, the most popular one happens to be the ankle rosary tattoo which actually became quite a craze with people afterwards. Kind of gives us a subtle meaning that even though you can reach the skies, you still need to be tied to the ground in order to enjoy it all. Don’t you think the same?

Lindsay Lohan

Lilo’s life may be not be picture perfect right now, but the tattoo she sports above her right bum is! The tattoo reads ‘La Belle Vita’ which translates to ‘This Beautiful Life’ in English. It is also the name of Lilo’s single which unfortunately did nothing to help her popularity. Nevertheless, the artistic work done on the tattoo and its fortunate location makes it one of the best celebrity tattoos we have ever seen.

Paris Hilton

The hotel heiress Paris Hilton opted to shy away from the standard black ink tattoos and got a bright red butterfly tattoo on her back. Classy and quite stylish, the tattoo is a far cry from Paris’s otherwise poor sartorial choices at times.


Jeremy Shockey

Move over ladies! It’s not just you who can rock the tattoo look. Here are some leading male contenders for the ‘Best Celebrity Tattoos’ list as well.

Playing for the New Orleans Saints, Jeremy Shockey loves his country to no end and displays his patriotism with a giant eagle tattoo on his right bicep. Artistically done and very life like, the eagle comes into full view whenever Jeremy works his biceps. And that is something everyone loves to see!


Dwayne Johnson

You may not be able to make head or tail of the design on Dwayne Johnson’s shoulder. But once he explains the same, you get a feeling it was worth all the pain and effort. Reportedly, Johnson traveled all the way to Hawaii to get this Samoan design tattoo. And in his words, the artistic design means ‘strength, protection and loyalty to family’.


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