Tomb Raider Angelina Jolie raiding and e-raiding her tattoos

jolie4jolie2Well, it would have been a painful experience for the Girl Interrupted to get rid of the Original Sin – as she calls it now. Podgy lipped superstar Angelina Jolie has erased the last memories of her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton. She got rid of her ex’s name and an oriental dragon on her arm through laser treatment, of course not Gone in Sixty Seconds.

Total of 11 tattoos on her skin reflect her passionate love for the skin art which include a large Asian tiger adoring her back, a black cross gilded on her left hip, and her latest one “Know Your Rights” below her neck.

Angelina wants to show her love towards her two adopted children also by tattooing their names on her back. After all this, Brad Pitt – her latest throb – has also managed to find some place on her skin, glittering with tattoos, in the form of a bunny on her butt.

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