Thomas Mailaender ‘sunburns’ old photographs onto human bodies

The French artist has a unique love and eye for art. Lately he created genuine and a fresh trend in art. Read on to find about Thomas’s latest fancy.

What’s the Buzz?

Thomas Mailaender 'sunburns' (1)

Image Source :  Jamesobando

Thomas made use of the ‘Archives of Modern Conflicts’ for this art work. Negatives, 23 in number were used from the archives mentioned above and placed on the bare bodies of models. These models were subjected to powerful Ultra-violet light or rather the negatives on their bodies were subjected to the UV rays.

The phenomenon caused the images on the negatives to ‘sunburn’ on their skins. Thomas photographed all the models with the art immediately after the imprints were visible. Going in the sun with these imprints would have resulted in disappearing them.

‘Illustrated People’

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Image Source : DesignBoom

Thomas Mailaender sunburned the negatives on the human bodies for his book titled ‘Illustrated People’. The 128-page book has a collection of black and white photographs from the Archives of Modern Conflicts apart from the human body photos that Thomas took. The book has 25 photographs and 57 archive photographs.

A contrary procedure to produce art

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There is something special an artist possesses and that is definitely a different perception. People fond of body art, especially tattoos, keep ducking themselves from the sun. The harsh ultra-violet rays would fade away their tattoos. Here Thomas did the opposite, he created art from the UV rays. As we said, it’s the perception of the artist that matters more than the process of creating it.

A new fashion

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Image Source : TheIndianDudes

Thomas could be a trendsetter for the abundant body art fans around the world. How cool will a ‘sun burnt’ photograph look on your body. You can decide on a theme in a party and the guests or those willing to, can get a body art sun burnt on their skins. The great thing is that it would fade away automatically and in a short frame of time.

The way we wear perfumes, we could wear a different sun burnt body art on a different occasion. Numerous options could be tried. From animals to tribal patterns, modern art, picture of girlfriend or boyfriend, a celebrity and many more. Already started thinking on which one would you prefer.

We hope people around the world admire ‘Illustrated People’ by Thomas Mailaender. Many of us would be inspired by the ‘sunburn’ art and would follow the trend.

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