The silliest tattoo ever

the silliest knuckle tattoo ever

Not that there aren’t very many unusual tattoos doing the round these days, but when it comes to the most absurd kinds of body art, getting a knuckle tattoo surely has got to be right up there with the forehead inks. I mean to make one of these readable you need to have your fists locked up together and you need it hold it up to the viewer which looks very threatening and runs a very good chance of getting you beaten up. How is that a good thing ever? Which brings me to examine this dude’s knuckle art in a critical light. According to him, the “Continue” tattoo on his knuckles apparently inspires him to not quit while playing video games! How, er, sentimentally poetic Chris M. I’m sure you’ll also someday bear the proud distinction of being the first guy in history to hire a motivational speaker to improve your gaming score!
Source: Knuckle Tattoos

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