The history of Daredevil tattoos

daredevil tattoo
Daredevil tattoos include everything from traditional tattoo to Japanese style of art work. The history of Daredevil tattoos goes back to New York, which was the birthplace of everything cool and in vogue. Tattoo art was born back in 1960s but was kept in the dark as the art was banned by law for 3 decades, yet it flourished with tattoo artist ironically finding it hard to survive in the city, there were no shops dedicated to the art yet the ink was not difficult to get which helped the art grow under the covers of the most happening city, back then secret handshakes and such signs were used to get tattoos done.

Finally, to the delight of these artists, the ban was lifted in 1997 and the only good outcome of the ban was that this NYC skin art build up a completely different and underground school vibe which prevails till date. Daredevil tattoo is the forerunner of this underground school of tattoo art which is getting better everyday.

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