The Da Vinci Ink – Last Supper Tattoo

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If alive, Leonardo Da Vinci would have been thoroughly pleased to see his famous mural painting inked out on a human hand. Indeed, the Last Supper has become more of a craze now, thanks to Dan Brown’s dubious revelations. The mystery surrounding this artwork will perhaps never be solved, but from a religious context, the painting has immense value. It is in this momentous scene, where Jesus announces to his twelve apostles that one of them will betray him. The announcement clearly creates a stir, as members are seen to be visibly surprised, upset or terrified. One can’t say that the tattoo is an exact replica of the original, but there is little doubt regarding the fact that the artist has indeed done his best. Call it the Da Vinci Ink!

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Image Courtesy:
The Reformed Evangelist
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