The best ambigram tattoo ever

heretic tatto1 eIGwx 2263
Though I’m not a big fan of ambigrams, I do have a soft corner for vintage fonts, especially the ones which are not easily readable. Why? Because complex things generally end up attracting more attention than the simpler ones! And that’s the reason why I love this ambigram tattoo. This rotationally symmetric ambigram tattoo reads ‘heretic’ and is every bit a bold expression of the wearer’s attitude. However, as the limitation goes with any ambigram tattoo, the only place where the tattoo could serve its purpose is your forearm. So, enjoy the pics and choose your ink color.

P.S. Don’t irritate me by saying that the two pics are same. If you have any doubts, try matching the hairy details.
heretic tattoo2 eyoBN 2263

Via: FriendlyAtheist

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