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model tattoos

Whoever thought that models are human mannequins who strut down the ramp to show clothes they don’t own and are at loss of individuality are about to eat their words big time! Here is a side of them, unexplored and unknown.

These gorgeous beauties exert their individuality with these very meaningful tattoos. From Gisele Bündchen to Isabeli Fontana, the tattoos are an extension of their personal selves.

The seemingly philosophical Freja Baha has tattoos that say Redemption, Float, This too shall pass and This world tonight on her left elbow, neck, upper left arm and her right wrist respectively.

Fontana wears a tattoo with her son’s name Zion with wings in between her shoulder blades and also a sign of her zodiac, cancer, on her right wrist. Barbwire on her foot is also an interesting one!

Daria Werbowy with a star on her left feet sure seems to have misplaced the star that is in her eye! Daul Kim also sports the star that she is at the bottom of her left palm. Also smitten by the star fever is Catherine McNeil who sports it behind her ear! Koponen with ‘5’ engraved on the middle of the back signifies her lucky number as well the number of members in her family.

Gisele sports the common star on her left wrist and a crescent moon and stars on her right ankle! I believe it to be an attempt to enhance her celestial beauty. Viviane Orth has “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” written in Portuguese between her shoulder blades, original, must say!

Carolyn Murphy has a Japanese Koi fish on her right hip, a design similar to the ink her ex Brandon Boyd has. Quite a testimony to their relationship, right? Shakira is so right, hips really don’t lie!

Via: Nymag

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