Tattoos no more a taboo in Oklahoma

Oklahoma, the only State in the USA where tattoos are still a taboo, will now able to devour on the colors of freedom and proudly say ‘Welcome to the 21st Century”. Legislation has been passed by the House Panel that regulates the body art business in the state.

Tattoo artists and enthusiasts are encouraged by the move and will now have to apply for licenses to carry on their business. Though the age limit to get a tattoo will be 18 and above, it’s a bonanza for the large tattoo loving populace.

The law also prohibits establishment of tattoo and body piercing parlors within 1,000 feet of a church, school or playground. It’s been ten years the bill being chopped under the guillotine on one pretext or the other, but finally the authorities are forced to accept the fact that they just can’t stop the craze, especially when the Tulsa Tattoo Convention was held last week despite the ban.


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