Tattooed Youth Not Allowed In Chinese Military

tattoo news  china 49Inking can lead to your rejection in the Chinese army. This news has made many of the Chinese youth unhappy because with the fast modernization of Chinese society, tattooing is in thing and many youth now sport large tattoos.

The Chinese military bans tattoos exceeding 2 centimeters (three quarters of an inch).
More than 2000 volunteers have been turned away by the armed forces, according to statistics released recently by the military, an increase of 30 percent from the previous year, the Beijing Youth Daily reported.

It’s not only tattoos but there are many other factors responsible for your rejection like

who are overweight, test positive for drugs or AIDS, or who are chronic snorers.

I don’t believe that even snoring could be so harmful for your career.

However, US military bans all tattoos above the neckline and any tattoo that expresses a sexist, racist, indecent or extremist message but Chinese Military rule are pretty hard.

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