Tattooed Iran uncovered: Embellishing colors of freedom under slavery!

iran tattoosPerhaps, the gulf has tasted the needle and learnt to appreciate the indelible ink and imbibe the pain at last. First, it was the smeared bunkers in Iraq, but we were quite unaware that the tattoo saga is building up in its neighbor too.

The youth has taken the mast in their hands but though are still afraid of unfurling it, are inking them to the core. The catching fashion of Tattoos in Islamic countries proves that art consider no boundary and has triggered a reawakening in the new generation helping it make a global phenomenon. Even women are not behind.

‘The tattoo generation’, as Milad, a 24-year-old artist in Tehran, calls it, is style conscious, however, it would not be easy for them to bend the Islamic fundamentalists, the forerunners of the Islamic Revolution, and make them welcome the change. That’s the reason, they keep it as a secret, but than what does the point in taking so much pain when you can’t flaunt that beautiful mystic piece adoring your body?

You may argue that it’s for art’s sake, but I’ll put it straight, when you mingle it with fear, the whole purpose melts down. The youth out there must choose their actual frontier and see clearly, where the world is going and act, instead of following the beaten path and digging old graves to accommodate new flesh with tattoos, the marks of freedom, hidden under their filthy clocks.

Read the whole article for more insight. You’d agree that the youth have more constructive role to play in this part of the family called Earth instead of polishing guns, be it a tattoo gun or a machinegun.

Image: AP, Vahid Salemi


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