Tattoo shrine!

David Young, 44, is keeping his flickering flame of life intact by dropping ink in the roots of his soul. The tragic demise of his baby daughter, 10-month-old Charlene, left him broken and dead from inside and now he has resorted to tattoos to pay tribute to the loss and his daughter.

David started by inking a picture of Charlene on his chest and now he has turned his body a sacred chronicle of the kid tattooing the Virgin Mary and guardian angels.

David said:

It took me a long time to come to terms with losing Charlene. I shut everything out and couldn’t cope with her death at all but the tattoos helped in a big way. They’ve been like therapy for me because they’ve helped me get everything out in the open and start thinking and talking about my little girl.

I don’t know whether David is successful in diluting the pain by finding solace in his 150 tattoos, as he says it helps, though nothing can beat this ultimate tribute, but the fact it’s all temporary and you’ve to be strong from inside to cope up with any loss you encounter in life. Permanent tattoos can just give you temporary solace.


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