Tattoo mania: Man to get flags of all countries etched on his body

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Guiness Rishi, a 67-year-old man, wants to enter the Guinness Book of World Records by tattooing himself. Anyone can get tattooed; that doesn’t mean you get the entry ticket for Guinness Book of World Records. But guys, this man seems to be truly passionate. Call it freaky or obsessive; he plans to get the flags of all the countries in the world etched on his body. He already has six tattoos of Canada, Union Jack, India, USA, Cyprus and the Indian Congress Party on his face. In all, he plans to cover himself with 220 different flags and become a walking global flagpole.

This is what Rishi has to say:

I will get eight tattoos done on bony areas such as my face each month and up to 16 on fleshy areas such as my stomach, I am tattooing my entire body including my private parts, but I am not sure which flag I will be sticking there. In the first phase, I believe that I can put 60 tattoos on my head and then we will start working on my body.

Via: Telegraph

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