Tattoo Designs to Consider

Your tattoo is permanent. These are some things worth considering before you get inked.


What does it mean?

When you get a tattoo, this is going to be a question that you will get asked many times by your friends, by your family and by complete strangers at restaurants, bars and at the bus stop. And what they are really asking of course is what does your tattoo design represent? Even if your tattoo is an effortless floral design , people are going to want to know if it has any symbolic denotation. What does your tattoo design represent and what does it disclose about who you are?


Symbolic Tattoos               

Symbols are something that stands for or suggests something else by reason of relationship, association, convention, or accidental resemblance; especially: a visible sign of something invisible.

Take a tattoo of a wolf for example. A wolf is a wolf is a wolf. Or is it? Depending upon your cultural reference point, a wolf may symbolize speed and cunning, daring and loyalty, a tutor figure or spirit guide, an originator figure or a shape-shifter who aids shamans. In the fable of Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf plays the villain. If you think of Christ as a shepherd, then the wolf may represent Satan. In other words, depending upon what you believe, a wolf may represent virtue or vice, good or evil.


Something that you Believe In

Picking a tattoo design or symbol does not have to be a distressing decision, full with hand-wringing and sleepless nights where you toss and turn in bed, but it should be something that you put some time and effort into. It should be a process that involves your originality and imagination. Do you really need or want the exact same tattoo that you’ve seen on a celebrity? Reverence is a wonderful thing, but rather than getting the same tattoo, choose a design that expresses why you favor that design in the first place.


Designs to Avoid

Designs that are used as symbols by gangs or extremist groups, or that are associated with hate crimes are almost certainly ones that you should avoid. Most artists of good reputation for example would never dream of tattooing a Swastika on a client. Tattoos of vulgarity, that are sexually explicit or that might be racially offensive will probably cause no end of grief when it comes time to getting a job and it some conditions certain tattoo designs will make finding employment exceedingly difficult.

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