Yes or No: Is winter the best time to get tattooed?

Though people get tattooed all year round, but there are certain preferable periods to get tattoo-ed. Considering the pain and the healing time required while getting a tattoo, winter is often discussed as the best time to get a tattoo. During winters, th

5 Things about tattoos and pregnancy

Perhaps you believe that the best way to celebrate the special occasion in your life is with a tattoo. Tattoo can be used on various parts of the body. But some women prefer to use the stomach for a special reason. However, there are many concerns in your

Henna tattoo after care

Henna tattoos are drawn with the help
of the henna paste. This paste is easily available in the markets and you only
need to mix it with a little bit of water to make a slightly thick paste. This
paste can then be put in a cone, which are also available i

10 things to think before you get tattooed

The modern form of body art is on every enthusiast’s “to-do” at least once in life. It’s not just anchors for sailors and skulls for biker gangs anymore. Tattoos have though become extensive, but highly personalized, and thus attractive. They say

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